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Closed Circuit from 03/16 until further notice, according to official protocol for coronavirus prevention

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Traditional Circuit Ischigualasto Park

On a circuit of forty kilometers there are five detention points (stations), in which you can see curiosities of nature where the intervention of the hand of man is totally absent.
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Circuit with Full Moon Ischigualasto Park

The walk on the grayish clear sandstones, in the company of the light of the full moon, provokes multiple and novel sensations due to its similarity with a splendid lunar landscape.
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Circuit Walk to Cerro Morado Ischigualasto Park

This variant allows you to ascend to the top of Cerro Morado which, being the highest height of the Park (1,800 meters above sea level), gives you a panoramic view where you can see a multiplicity of colors.
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Mountain Bike Circuit Ischigualasto Park

This variant of visit, allows to cross an area of little known Park, marveling of the figures and colors of the place, as well as of the flora and fauna of Ischigualasto.
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New Authorities

En el día de la fecha se llevó a cabo una reunión entre el nuevo Coordinador del Parque Ischigualasto Lic. Emilio Fernández, el también flamante Coordinador Adjunto Sr. José Luis Burgoa y el Director del Museo de Ciencias Naturales Dr. Oscar Alcober (organismo que desarrolla el aspecto científico-paleontológico del PPI).

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Suspension of activities from March 16 until further notice

Friday, March 13, 2020 Visits to Ischigualasto Park are suspended due to coronavirus protocol The Ministry of Tourism and Culture, through the Ischigualasto Provincial Park Administration, released a statement.  WRITTEN BY PRESS MINISTRY OF TOURISM AND CULTURE Visits to Ischigualasto Park are suspended due to coronavirus protocol From Monday March 16, the activities in the […]

Government of San Juan
Ischigualasto Provincial Park